About Us


Fortex Industrial Limited. (HK), founded in 1989, is specialized in professional designing, manufacturing and distributing Digital audio / video product. Our company has a strong and experienced technical team, being familiar with production management and capable of swift response and solving problems, that engages in engineering design, product development. 


We have established the long-term cooperation relationship with American and European customers for years. Our customers possess strict requirement for us to manufacture products with high performance and we succeed to get familiar with these customers and meet their needs. In order to improve the quality and production efficiency we constantly invest funds to introduce advanced automatic production equipment, such as SMD production-line, AI production-line, kinds of automatic testers like AOI and ICT and administration system with ISO 9000,etc. As to the safety of production, the qualified and professional engineers carry out inspections for all kinds of products according to the safety standards issued by CE or UL, approve and issue certifications to the entitled laboratory.


Our engineers in the R&D Department continually study and master the latest digital technology, making efforts to combine with the traditional analogue technology so as to turn it into a variety of practical latest technology products as a reserve and provide to customers at all time, which shortens the production period of new products effectively.


With a long history, our R&D Department is made up of software, hardware and mechanical teams, whose members are the professional experts with more than ten years related experience on producing and designing from Hongkong and Chinese mainland. Products with high quality, multifunction and multi-system combination can be worked out by our R&D Department in a short time. Being near the PE Department, the R&D Department can conveniently communicate with PE personnel getting their immediate support and thereby promptly solve the problems on production and designing, making production more smoothly.